Tandem Mass Spectroscopy

Tandem mass spectrometry, also known as MS/MS or MS2, is a technique in Instrumental
chemistry where two or more mass spectrometers are coupled together using an additional
reaction step to increase their abilities to analyse chemical samples. A common use of tandem-
MS is the analysis of biomolecules, such as proteins and peptides.The molecules of a given
sample are ionized and the first spectrometer (designated MS1) separates these ions by their
mass-to-charge ratio (often given as m/z or m/Q). Ions of a particular m/z-ratio coming from
MS1 are selected and then made to split into smaller fragment ions, e.g. by collision-induced
dissociation, ion-molecule reaction, or photo dissociation. These fragments are then introduced
into the second mass spectrometer (MS2), which in turn separates the fragments by their m/z-
ratio and detects them. The fragmentation step makes it possible to identify and separate ions that
have very similar m/z-ratios in regular mass spectrometers.

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