Recent Advances In Mass Spetrometry

New mass spectrometry (MS) methods, collectively known as data independent analysis and
hyper reaction monitoring, have recently emerged. The analysis of peptides generated by
proteolytic digestion of proteins, known as bottom-up proteomics, serves as the basis for many of
the protein research undertaken by mass spectrometry (MS) laboratories. Discovery-based or
shotgun proteomics employs data-dependent acquisition (DDA). Herein, a hybrid mass
spectrometer first performs a survey scan, from which the peptide ions with the intensity above a
predefined threshold value, are stochastically selected, isolated and sequenced by product ion
scanning. n targeted proteomics, selected environmental Monitoring (ERM), also known as
multiple reaction monitoring (MRM), is used to monitor a number of selected precursor-
fragment transitions of the targeted amino acids. The selection of the SRM transitions is
normally calculated on the basis of the data acquired previously by product ion scanning,
repository data in the public databases or based on a series of empirical rules predicting the
Enzyme structure sites.

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