Mass Spectrometry Configurations and Sample preparation Techniques

Mass Spectrometry Configurations and Techniques is regards to Mass
Spectrometry configuration of source, analyzer, and detector becomes conventional in practice,
often a compound acronym arises to designate it, and the compound acronym may be better
known among nonspectrometrists than the component acronyms. The Mass Spectrometry
instrument consists of three major components those are Ion Source: For producing gaseous ions
from the substance being studied; Analyzer: For resolving the ions into their characteristics mass
components according to their mass-to-charge ratio and Detector System: For detecting the ions
and recording the relative abundance of each of the resolved ionic species. A Imaging Mass
Spectrometry is simply a device designed to determine the mass of individual atoms or
molecules. Atoms of different elements have different masses and thus knowledge of the
molecular mass can very often be translated into knowledge of the chemical species involved.
TOF MS is the abbreviation for Time of Flight Mass Spectrometry. Charged ions of various sizes
are generated on the sample slide and MALDI is the abbreviation for "Matrix Assisted Laser
Desorption/Ionization." Mass spectrometry consists basically of weighing ions in the gas phase.
The instrument used could be considered as a sophisticated balance which determines with high
precision the masses of individual atoms and molecules. Depending on the samples chemical and
mechanical propertiess, different ionization techniques can be used. One of the main factor in
choosing which ionization technique to be used is biochemical process. For samples that are not
themolabile and relatively volatile, ionization such as Electron Impact and/or Chemical
Ionization can be effectively used.

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